My work combines my passion for photography and painting which I incorporate into my Computer Evolved art. My artistic objective is at all times experimental, the result is that my work often undergoes numerous generations of altering, sometimes evolving into a completely new work.  Basically a self-taught photographer and computer artist my experiences have led me to establish a perspective that side steps many of the restraints of conformity, even in this new age of computer/digital art. As a creator of art I believe, novelty is actually the manifestation of unique subjective interpretations of the artist.

What is Computer Evolved Art? CEA is the combining of photography, art created with image manipulation software, digital drawing/painting and scanned images which the artist combines into unique works of art.

Cecil coined the term Computer Evolved Art in part to pay homage to artists who define and use the computer as a tool to create and transform their art. Just as the painter who uses a brush or the sculptor a chisel.