Abstract Art is void of objects we recognize in the natural world. It takes form in the visual arrangement or combination of colors, textures, and shapes.

Bright vibrant colors are the trademark of my abstracts. What makes this work especially exciting for me is that I never know where the work will take me.

My evolutionary process can often consist of years of re-altering a single piece. The practice includes a re-combining or changing of hues and textures, enhanced by a welcoming acceptance of change, within  my work and me. Ultimately each generation of my abstract Computer Evolved Art speaks to the onlooker and says my name is …

There is also a human interaction aspect to my work   It exists in the form of potential dialogues between the work and the onlooker. In a sense utilizing the language of color to promote a non-verbal interchange of moods and emotions. Each piece may speak differently to each of us nevertheless; there is always a conversation to be shared. Visually, work placed in the corner of a small room can become a focal point as a multi-colored object. or a larger version of the same image can illuminate an entire room.

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