Mannequins of Metropolis

"It is believed that Metropolis is a fictional city or at best a subliminal existence. In actuality, it is real and visible within the curvature of our individual perceptions. Nevertheless, it is where we live and work, the landscape we travel every day, and the night we awake from. A dimension of fleeting glances and veiled images, a reflection of us or we of them?" CWL

The images in this series were actual mannequin displays I captured throughout mid-town and lower Manhattan, NYC stores & streets between 2007-11. In a sense, they are “street photography”

digitally altered and combined with computer-created art to produce varied and new interpretations.

Descriptively, I consider this work to be photographic, digital paintings (Computer Evolved Art). I used a, now old, Fujifilm Finepix S9100-9mp camera to photograph the entire series. Since then each photograph has undergone numerous digital modifications and enhancements before reaching its current and possibly final form. 

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