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Why Computer-Evolved Art?

Updated: 6 days ago

Hello! My name is Cecil W. Lee, In this blog will explore why I chose the term “Computer Evolved Art” (CEA) to define my art.

"Nest" - computer evolved

To understand CEA, one needs to know what digital art is. Digital Art is a general term for a range of artistic works and practices that use digital technology as an essential part of the creative and/or presentation process i.e. movies, music, art, etc. all of which are umbrellaed under the term New Media.

It is important to note that CEA incorporates the use of photography of two and three-dimensional images along with art created within the confines of a computer. "Nest" on the right is completely computer evolved while "Followers" is a combination of photography creativity restructured and combined digitally before evolving into the computer-evolved image below.

"Followers" photo-based, from the Mannequins of Metropolis series.

As of late art created via way of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is gaining popularity notably in the creation of NFTs. Nevertheless, this author asks, "Is it human art or machine art?"

CEA is not simply a quick fix for altering photography or computer-created art; nor is it (AI) artificial intelligence programming. Computer Evolved Art is a: hands-on, keyboard, mouse, and electronic drawing pad, practice requiring artistic skills, and computer skills. imagination, patience, and endurance.

Computer-Evolved Art has found boundaries to acceptance which are historically similar to how society treated other new and unique art styles, some with disdain and others with open arms. Deciding, what art is appropriate is usually determined when the current social norms become accustomed to a particular art form or style. Impressionism, Cubism, and Abstract Art all met with opposition from the norms of their times. As a result, the early proponents of those art styles were not accepted until they were no longer with us.

"Digital Pallet" computer-evolved
"TBD" computer-evolved photography

Withstanding differences of opinions there is no doubt that Computer-Evolved or your chosen definition this new art form represents an exciting perspective for the future of art and artist everywhere. - - - CeLee

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