About Me


I create high quality limited edition prints on canvas, watercolor paper or plexiglass. I select one or two different printing surfaces per piece depending on the individual characteristics of the work. My creative objective is to create images that incorporate the use of brush, pencil and palette knife with digitally created art which I then call Computer Evolved Art. The objective is to create a new look that combines elements of tactile and digital art.

Abridged Bio
I am a self-taught New York-born photographer and computer artist. Influenced by my father an amateur photographer. I purchased my first camera at eighteen years of age. I have had short stints in publishing and print production before becoming a television studio camera operator. I purchased my first computer in the late 1980s which began my experience of creating art digitally. I began using the “BASIC” programming language to create rudimentary art. By the late 1990’s I began utilizing software and a drawing tablet to alter scanned images of my paintings and photography, occasionally taking freelance jobs as a photo restorer (great learning technique) and working as a computer instructor for the NYC Bd. of Education. Insights from the above experiences have all contributed to the development of the term I use to define my art, “Computer Evolved Art”. CEA is best described as the process of combining photography, scanned images, digital paintings/drawings with art created with the use of numerous image manipulation software programs, drawing pad, and or other computer derived tools to create unique works of art.