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Artist Statement

Creating art enables me to explore beyond the tangible and the feasible. Each piece is an attempt to reflect in some way an idea, or feeling expressed in color, texture, and shape that influence our perceptions and emotions both real and imaginary, spiritually and materially.  


It is safe to say that my work is experimental and free-flowing in that there is no steadfast procedure that I follow. My process involves finding colors that work well together and combining them into abstractions that represent a thought or story. My photography relies on what is captured through the lens, computer evolved, and retold as a narrative of my own.


Much of my work is “in progress” sometimes spanning years in development as my experiences, perceptions, and techniques change. My process involves charting a course deep into spatial relationships and structure, coupled with vibrant color by merging identifiable imagery and abstract form. For me an underlying search to understand issues of race, identity, and personal transformation.


Each piece reflects an idea, a feeling, that influences one's perceptions and emotions both real and imaginary, spiritual and material. The results are What is captured through the lens of my camera, and digital software goes through a conscious metamorphosis in the form of “computer evolved” art.


A Mannequin of Metropolis, NTF photographic series. 

What are NTFs?

NFTs or “non-fungible tokens” are unique, one of one, digital assets that are most commonly secured by the Ethereum blockchain and take the form of tangible along with (more commonly) intangible items such as digital: music files, art, and real estate. These often take the form of a JPG, MP3, or GIF. Each individual token is stored on the Ethereum blockchain, meaning a digital certification is created – this provides verifiable information as to who the owner is and allows the NFT to be stored in the database.

NFTs have made it possible for items within the digital world, such as art, to be owned and traced back to a single person due to blockchain technology.


Because NFTs are generally one of a kind, or at least one of a very limited run Non-fungible tokens create a verifiable ownership to a specific piece of work as well as the list of owners who had previous possession of the work.

confirming evidence of authority, validity, or identity and uniqueness.

See my NFT Collection here.



Cecil W. Lee is a New York-based painter, photographer, and digital artist, He has been experimenting and re-inventing the art of digital/computer-evolved art for the past 24yrs. With the purchase of his first computer, he began using “BASIC” a programming language to create rudimentary art which led to his early use of Photoshop and initiated the concept of, Computer Evolved Art for his digital work.


Cecil says, "the computer has become a tool as useful as a brush, palette knife or chisel." His experience as a web designer, photographer, computer educator, and photo restoration has contributed to the depth of his insights and range of his talent.


On this seminal journey, he has discovered a portal to a creative world of philosophical musing, inner introspection, and discovery for his photography and computer-evolved art. Bold and colorful labyrinths of line, color, and other compositional elements associated with depth and texture.

​Cecil defines "computer evolved" art as the practice of creating new and unique art by combining photography, digital photography, and digital paintings/drawings, with additional computer-derived tools.