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Artist Statement

I am a self-taught New York-born photographer and computer/digital artist. By combining my passion for photography and painting and incorporating the two into digital art which I define as Computer Evolved Art. Abstractism (a combination of abstract & figurative art) is the term I use to describe the artistic category of the majority of my Computer-Evolved Art. 


Featured on this site are three styles/series of  Computer Evolved Art:
* Computer-Evolved Art:  Figurative Abstract and Abstract Figurative Art
* Computer-Evolved Photography: “After Glow” a series of lights in motion and "Mannequins of Metropolis”, a series depicting mannequins in various states of being.

It is safe to say that my working process is free-flowing and experimental in that there is no steadfast procedure that I follow. My creative process involves the use of paintings, photography, and digital creations which evolve digitally before becoming finished printable work.


Now retired and creating at will I consider myself an emerging artist who believes philosophically and similarly that to keep going forward is the only wa

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