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  • Cecil Lee

African American Flag of Inclusion

Created in 1999 the "African American Flag of Inclusion" represents a concept that has long been part of many an African American's psyche, expressing a reality many of us consciously or unconsciously have acknowledged. It is also an identifying motif intended to represent all African Americans regardless of their individual beliefs or political affiliations.

A symbol whose time has come The African American Flag of Inclusion reaches beyond religious, political and philosophical beliefs reflecting the African Americans' unique contributions and accomplishments toward the inventiveness, creativity, building, growth and stability of the United States of America.

The elements of the African American Flag of Inclusion stand for:

red = life/blood, family, vitality & oneness

black = the people, strength, depth & influence

green = earth, evolution, growth & progress

stars & stripes = equality & unification

African American Flag of Inclusion available on t-shirts, hoodies and accessories etc.


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